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Bartonvale Retirement Housing


Bartonvale Housing for the Aged is a proposal for 22 houses on a greenfield site in Markham Avenue, Enfield. The development is Community Titled with centralised metering and shared common areas maintained under a management arrangement. The site is a gently sloping grassed area with two large gum trees located fairly centrally and a four metre wide stormwater easement along with Southern boundary. Comprised of a combination of two and three bedroom houses to be completed in two stages, the houses and driveways are arranged around a central courtyard aimed at preserving the gum trees. Rainwater is collected in two large in ground rainwater tanks located in the courtyard, these tanks are plumbed back to the houses to provide water for the toilets. The elevations use gable and hip roof forms with verandahs to create a traditional style streetscape.

Project Value: $3m
Built, 2011