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Flinders University Biodiversity Facility


The Flinders Biodiversity Facility provides support for conservation teaching and research, housing a wide range of native animals including reptiles, birds and fish at the Flinders University Bedford Park campus.

The aquatic rooms can supply fresh, sea and reverse osmosis water and air to the tanks as well as the required filtration.  Terrestrial rooms have thermal and humidity control through humidification as well as direct heating through infra-red lamps.  The most prominent corner of the building contains the education room which includes a dissection table for presentations to students.

The exterior of the Facility is rugged and container like, with the main section enclosed in earthy oxide tones to ground the building in its location, encircled by dense native planting. Interface areas, including entries and delivery portals, are carved out of this mass, accentuated with vibrant highlight colours that take cue from animals housed in the facility’s collections and providing intuitive wayfinding.

The Flinders University Biodiversity Facility was undertaken in association with H2o Architects, who are based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Project Value: $4.8m

Completed 2021