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Adelaide Zoo Nature's Playground


The Adelaide Zoo Nature's Playground project is a fun active urban Playground with facilities and access for all and involvement in nature, surrounded by beautiful animals.  Universal access created a lift linking the higher level.  There is an enormous benefit to children and families in having this type of multi-activity, safe and accessible playful adventure zone. From an Urban Design viewpoint, the project provides a cherished public facility, in close proximity to the Popeye boats, the Adelaide Oval and the Botanic Gardens.  The children know what to do in this kind of space and its close-in city location guarantees peak visitation. The project is an extension to the Zoo Café and has great proximity for overview. It sits below the New Entry/Panda curved concrete wall, but pokes its head up via the ‘leaning’ lift tower.

Awards: City of Adelaide Prize People's Choice Award
               City of Adelaide Prize Commendation

Project Value: $0.8m
Completed 2015