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Monarto Zoological Park Lions 360


The Monarto Zoo Lions 360 habitat project is an enhanced visitor experience.  A very simple premise enables visitors to walk securely into the Lion enclosure and be very close to the animals.  An entrance canopy leads to an underground tunnel and then to a bell-shaped, mesh-protected enclosure where Lion observation and feeding can occur under Zoo staff supervision.  Self-closing doors at each end of the tunnel maximise the visitor anticipation level.  As the southern doors open, visitors are exposed to a 360ºview of the lions enclosure on all sides, as well as above their heads, with only a steel cage separating them from the animals.  A staff-only access space between the steel mesh enclosure and a stainless steel balustrade ensures that visitor/animal interactions can be controlled at all times.


Project Value: $1.5m
Completed 2017


Photographs by: Lyndon Stacy Photography